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The Marie Anthony Process

Introduction to Marie Anthony with Trembly Realty

  • Marie will provide a thorough overview of the company structure, a detailed review of the Marie Anthony process, and a market assessment.

Comparable Market Analysis

  • Marie will conduct a computer search of comparable homes sold in the market area to be utilized in establishing an appropriate market value for the client’s house.

Property Listing

  • Utilizing computer technology, Marie will instantly notify the realty industry that the property is available. Additional advertising techniques are reviewed with the client as appropriate to the property.

Property Selection and Negotiation

  • To assure the proper selection at a fair market value, Marie pays attention to the detail and represents her client’s best interest. Her skill at the negotiating table assures a fair market value for each client.

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The Marie Anthony Personal Profile

  • This unique questionnaire will provide Marie and each client with the quantitative and qualitative information required to assure the perfect selection.

Financing Options

  • Marie will thoroughly review available financing options to assure that the client accesses the financing plan most appropriate and advantageous to their personal situation.

Property Search

  • Marie combines the clients personal preferences and desires, their financial strategy and market conditions with a computer search to identify available properties and make arrangements to preview the property.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Marie’s objective is to establish a lifelong relationship with each client. She is always available to answer questions, provide professional advice and assist in any way necessary.

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Marie Anthony

[vc_column_text el_class=”margin_top_xmedium”]Marie’s experience in the real estate, jewelry, and communications industries combined with the current marketplace requirement of high value and high service are the foundation of Marie Anthony properties marketing system.

The company structure minimizes overhead and maximizes unique, personalized service. Marie restricts the number of clients she works with at any given time to assure that she can provide the personalized service her clients expect and deserve. State-of-the-art computer equipment enables Marie to access any necessary property information instantly, communicate effectively with clients and industry colleagues and access documentation quickly. This guarantees an efficient and thorough purchasing process.[/vc_column_text]

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  • [vc_column_text](614) 451-4653[/vc_column_text]
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 Available Properties

House for sale
Dartmouth, MA 02748
1,286 sqft232
Townhouse for sale
Brooklyn, NY 11209
1,286 sqft233
House for rent
La Quinta, CA 32453
886 sqft232
House for sale
Lake Placid,NY 12946
1,286 sqft232

Recently Sold

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